Rakhi Tiwari

Joined January 2017

Here I am ,biology student preparing for the ug medical courses ,lives in Indore (M.P.), and one of my hobby is to convert the emotions, feelings, seen or unseen reality into lines or paragraph and this only I do to see the real change in the society and for better opportunities to the future generation ,limits may bind many great things to discover till otherwise we all have great potential.

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बेटी मोसमी बुखार है

हो रही आज भी भ्रूण हत्या बेटा होने से मन में अहंकार है, बेटी होने से हंसता सिर्फ आधा मन बेटियों से तो मौसमी प्यार है। बेटी सह... Read more